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2019-01-26 06:34:03 (UTC)

Fix you relationships

Sometimes it's not what you argue about. Its how you argue..

1. Are you INTENTIONALLY wanting that person to feel bad
2. Are you looking at yourself and not being the victim
3. Are you trying to reasonable with one another to figure out a solution together
4. Apologize ... Both of you. Stupid arguments ... Just tell them how you feel a bit. That's it. I'm tired. I'm exhausted.

I sometimes catch myself thinking.. Or picturing him with a toddler next to him while he makes a surprised dinner. Or when he holds his friends baby. And I feel a bit heated. . I want him to feel loved. I don't want to be a narsasts like my mother
But a loving forgive understanding person....
For the sake of our relationship

I don't want to bring those insecurities Adrian gave me. How he could just go days with out speaking to me. Abusing me . and I go crazy and anxious... Always the one apologizing or being there
... The emotional abuse of him not speaking me for months. And usually go back to me... Hurtful.. Rude... Selfish... Maybe that had a control over me. And now I think my now boyfriend is doing the same ... How I sit... Anxious. Thinking of all the wrongs I've done. Doubted7. Because of another's self ish act. My boyfriend doesn't deserve that. And I try my best to ask forgiveness for over reacting. I feel shity. I feel alone. And when he doesn't or I don't hear from him for a day or hours. I feel this anxiety kicking in and the days he won't do or reply to me ever... Like Adrian would so ..damn.. Never thought I'd be a statics of a broken insecure heart...from an EX who didn't appreciate me until I walked away